Ewa Majewska

Ewa Majewska

What are your qualifications to work as a trainer?

I am a certified Yoga teacher according to: B.K.S. methods Iyengar. I gained preparation for the coaching exams during several years of teacher training organized by the Iyengar Yoga Association in Poland.

Your experience and professional successes?

I have been teaching yoga since 2015 – in two Warsaw yoga schools with long traditions, as well as fitness clubs and companies. I also conduct individual classes.I have gained and continue to gain experience in practicing and teaching Yoga during regular practice, at workshops and conventions conducted by teachers from the Iyengar Yoga Institute in India and the best Polish and foreign teachers.

What kind of training do you specialize in?

Yoga using the B.K.S. method Iyengar, Dynamic yoga, Yoga for the spine, Yoga for women, beginner and advanced groups.

Your passions, hobbies?

Apart from yoga,  I love water sports and hiking. I love being in nature and traveling.

Why me?

What intrigued me most about yoga was its precision and mindfulness in practice. Its impact on psychophysical health. I am passionate about the physiotherapeutic aspects of yoga. Building contact and bond with yourself. Overcoming your own limits, but also taking care of yourself and the ability to consciously relax. And that’s what I focus on in my classes. I like it when we have a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. I try to build participants’ interest in their own bodies. I hope that I am able to provide good advice on how to perform postures safely and how to develop in them. Yoga with me is sometimes static, sometimes dynamic and energetic.