Personal trainers

  • Michał Glibowski Meet the instructor
    • Michał Glibowski

      Michał has been part of the team since 2008. In the RiverView he is a specialist in heavy weight as well as strength, functional and dexterity trainings. He perfectly recognizes the needs of beginners and knows how to arouse enthusiasm even in the most skeptical clients. As a modern dance formation dancer, he won the title of European Champion, Vice-Champion of Poland in gymnastics, Michał had also practiced karate, kick boxing and Thai boxing. Thanks to his great experience, you will never be bored during Michals’ classes.

  • Mariusz Sykut Meet the instructor
    • Mariusz Sykut

      Distinguished by his professionalism and responsibility for the client’s health, Mariusz’s experience is based on many areas of sport, from mixed martial arts through crossfit, rugby, triathlon, golf, sailing to rehabilitation. He not only is a personal trainer but also participate in seminars, health camps and researches. Mariusz profiles each persons’ goals according to their needs, lifestyle, profession and psychosomatic features in order to maximize training’s effectiveness in their everyday life.

  • Wojciech Bocianowski Meet the instructor
    • Wojciech Bocianowski

      Certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Wojtek started his adventure with sport at a young age. He specializes in functional and strength training and his greatest passion is working on body building and modeling. Each training prepared by Wojciech is adapted to the individual needs and abilities of the client/ He says that the greatest satisfaction for him as a trainer are those trainees who set new goals and strive for them bravely.

  • Przemysław Wójcik Meet the instructor
    • Przemysław Wójcik

      Physical education teacher, swimming instructor, WOPR lifeguard and Kettelbell instructor. Training is the key in Przemek’s life and he thinks it should lead to better look and set of mind. Working with Przemek, you will enjoy a flexible approach to nutrition and training, whilst achieving incredible results. Privately passionate about basketball and sports cars.

  • Debora Saleh Meet the instructor
    • Debora Saleh

      As a personal trainer she teaches boxing and calisthenics classes both in groups and individually. In addition to sports, Debora is also a professional masseuse. She loves to constantly expand her knowledge, especially in the field of body work. Working with people who are determined and full of commitment is her great passion.

  • Anna Czajko Meet the instructor
    • Anna Czajko
      A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw,  in the RiverView Ania supervises the reception and is a swimming instructor. Ania takes care about the relations with club members and deals with acquiring new customers. Always willing to help, her rich experience and excellent work organization make her irreplaceable. Ania is also a certified masseuse and she likes spending her free time riding a bike.

Fitness Instructors

  • Monika Kugiel Meet the instructor
    • Monika Kugiel

      Certified Schwinn Cycling trainer with a Gold license and a qualified bike tour guide. Monika translates the passion for mountain bike trips into her classes, based on strong strength and endurance training in the gym, which contributes to the excellent form of her clients throughout the year. Professionally working in medical corporation, her true love are road and mountain cycling.

  • Dorota Kobos Meet the instructor
    • Certified yoga instructor with the degree of Junior Intermediate in B.K.S. Iyengar. She has been regularly practicing this discipline since 2002. Dorota constantly improves and enriches her skills, also in other areas of sport. Dorotas’ interests include the Feldenkrais method and horse riding.

  • Hanna Broża Meet the instructor
    • B.K.S Iyengar yoga instructor in Introductory I degree. She has been practising yoga for the last 18 years and it became important part of her life. She constantly improves her skills taking part in workshops with both Polish and foreign teachers. She’s also passionate about travelling and essential oils.

  • Grzegorz Powsiński Meet the instructor
    • Grzegorz Powsiński

      Nordic Walking and basketball trainer, graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. Involved in the idea of healthy and rational nutrition, he can advise on diets, both weight loss and muscle building. Grzegorz is a very patient instructor, which is confirmed by his long-term cooperation with educational institutions as a guardian during children sports camps. Thanks to his extensive experience in organizing sports events, he often supports the RiverView team during preparations for the annual charity run, InterContinental Tower Run.

  • Magdalena Lichy Meet the instructor
    • Magdalena Lichy

      Fitness instructor and Medical student, from an early age associated with volleyball, which later has evolved into a passion for fitness and fitness training. In her classes, Magda focuses on diversity and strengthening of the whole body, especially in exercises that prevent back pain. With an individual approach to each client, Magda believes she can use the knowledge of her medical studies in the fitness room. A fan of colorful leggings and intense workouts, her favorite exercise is “props”. Because she is interested in dermatology, she will gladly tell you how to take care of your skin.

  • Ewa Vieira Meet the instructor
    • Zumba® Fitness instructor with international experience and all the specialization levels – Toning, Step, Aqua, Kids, Kids Jr, Gold, and STRONG by Zumba TM. She took Zumba® Basic and Pro Skills instructor trainings from Beto Perez, the creator of the program. Ewa, apart from Zumba, teaches Body Shape, Brazilian Buttocks and Healthy Spine classes and is an expert in strength training, which in her opinion is the best method to achieve appetizing feminine shapes. Ewa studied Physical Education at the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, then continued her education at  the University of Greenwich in London, at Physical Education and Sport department.

  • Ada Siekierska Meet the instructor
    • Sport has been present in her life since early childhood, when she practiced ballroom dancing, modern dance and karate. She has been involved in fitness continuously since 2010, and gained instructor qualifications in 2015. Ada teaches swimming, but also give pilates, stretching and healthy spine classes.
  • Anna Dobrzańska Meet the instructor
    • Anna Dobrzańska

      Bodybuilding and fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. At the RiverView Anna teaches Aqua Aerobics classes. She focuses primarily on the correct technique and improving the well-being of her clients.

  • Aneta Harczuk Meet the instructor
    • Physiotherapist, graduate of the Warsaw Medical University. She specializes in the rehabilitation of people with orthopedic problems, as well as chronically disabled. Aneta is a certified teacher of Iyengar Yoga for over a year.