Małgorzata Lemke

Małgorzata Lemke

What are your qualifications to work as a trainer?

I am qualified as an IFAA fitness instructor and personal trainer. I completed Pilates training at Open Mind and Reebok University. I constantly improve my qualifications by participating in courses and training.

Your experience and professional successes?

I have over 10 years of experience in conducting Pilates classes at various levels and with various age groups.

What kind of training do you specialize in?

I specialize in body mind classes: pilates, stretching, healthy spine. During classes, we engage the mind to work on the body and breathing. Proper breathing is crucial for the functioning of the human body, also in terms of mental peace.

Your passions, hobbies?

I love outdoor activities, good food and reading books.

Life motto

You can’t plan the most beautiful moments in your life. They will come on their own. The art of life is to enjoy small happiness.

Why me?

Training with me guarantees an individual approach, effectiveness and variety of classes, which contributes to better results and client satisfaction.