Aleksandra Błasiak

Aleksandra Błasiak

What are your qualifications to work as a trainer?

I graduated with a master’s degree in physical education from the Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. I have completed, among other things, a course for a trainer in sports acrobatics, physical recreation with a specialization in fitness – modern forms of gymnastics, a personal trainer, and aqua aerobics.

Your experience and professional successes?

I have been working in the training field for 14 years. I use the knowledge gained during my sports career. Currently, I am working with leading players of various sports disciplines, including ballerinas, rally drivers, and tennis players as a coach of motor preparation. The successes of my clients make me just as happy as mine a few years ago.

What kind of training do you specialize in?

I specialize in acrobatic training, motor preparation, aqua aerobics, and stretching.

Your passions, hobbies?

My main passion is sports acrobatics. I was a longtime competitor and I have trained since the age of 4. During my 17-year sports career, I competed in the national arena and represented Poland at international competitions. In my collection, I have medals from Polish championships and competitions abroad. My others, slightly different passions are shooting and car drifting.

Life motto?

Several years ago, I had spinal surgery, after which, according to the doctors, I should not be able to walk. With hard work, I proved to them that the impossible is possible and I walk, run, jump and even continue to do sports. My motto is “If you cannot do what’s hard, try the impossible.”

Why me?

I maintain a relaxed atmosphere during training while taking care of every detail of the performed exercises and the safety of my clients. I am a demanding, but also very positive trainer, that cares about good contact with each of my pupils.