Jacek Kociołek

Jacek Kociołek

What are your qualifications to work as a trainer?

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2006, and teaching since 2015. I completed my many years of training at one of Warsaw’s largest schools by earning international certification to teach (according to the current level 1 scale).

Your experience and professional successes?

Many years of leading groups of different levels and profiles: beginner and advanced groups, English-speaking groups, blind groups. I have always considered the communities that form around the classes as successes: when people come not only to practice, but also to be in familiar and trusted company.

Your passions, hobbies?

In addition to yoga, I am also interested in contemporary literature and art. I also appreciate free time spent out in nature.

Life motto

Tomorrow is also a day. Everything is flowing and constantly changing.

Why me?

I always try to balance the elements that are easier and harder to reach, and build a space where you can approach those that seem out of reach. Yoga is a very interesting adventure, experiencing yourself in different situations. Sometimes they are so unfamiliar that it is good to have someone to support with a kind word and concrete advice.