Paweł Janowski

Paweł Janowski

What are your qualifications to work as a trainer?

I am a certified personal trainer. I have completed a number of courses and trainings in the field of personal training. Among other things, bodybuilding training, training with your own body weight, Crossfit and physical activity during pregnancy and after childbirth. I also have training in the basics of dietetics.

Your experience and professional successes?

I have been involved in training for 15 years. In my life, I focus on development, which is why I constantly deepen my knowledge so that I pass the most valuable information to my pupils. One of my greatest successes is satisfaction with the goals that my students assume before starting work with me, and I help them achieve them. The goals that have already been achieved together include, inter alia, weight reduction by 25 kg, or learning the most difficult elements of calisthenic training, such as the human flag or strength entry on the bar – muscle up.

What trainings do you specialize in?

In conducting trainings, I focus on improving fitness and use the current possibilities of the podopath for its development. I am not limited to one type of training. At the very beginning, I focus on the motor skills of each person in order to be able to pursue their personal training goals. I am creative in planning my training. My specialty is definitely bodyweight training, which I consider to be a completely necessary basis for any sport.

Your passions, hobbies?

It is definitely the development of my physical culture. I am also passionate about creating video materials and the automotive industry.

Your life motto?

“Today do something that others do not want, and tomorrow you will have what others want”

Jeśli trening to dlaczego z Tobą?

I approach each of the pupils individually and always give 100% of myself to motivate them to work on themselves. I really care about building a positive relationship with my pupils, so that they feel at ease during training and are fully focused. I am a discreet, loyal and highly motivated person to achieve my goals. I try to share the layers of positive energy that I have with my pupils.