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Full Body Workout is a set of exercises that shape the whole body, consisting of strength training and aerobic effort. Improves fitness, endurance and accelerates the process of fat burning. Sequences of exercises are invented by the instructor, who takes care to run both the upper and lower parts of the body. Exercises should be performed slowly, with stopping.

This is a class for everyone, especially those who avoid fitness rooms for fear of not being fit. Beginners can start training without weights, and when they strengthen their form, reach for dumbbells or increase their weight.

There is no division into classes for advanced and beginners, so you can join the group at any time. There are no age restrictions either. However, if something is wrong with you, ask your instructor for a less strenuous fitness set. Those who have problems with their spine can do all the exercises, such as sitting on a rehabilitation ball. Thanks to the exercises, the skin is better blooded and tightened, which is why the exercises help fight stretch marks and cellulite.

Two components of the workout give two results: strengthening muscles and overall fitness and fat loss and improvement of oxygen performance. You will become stronger and more efficient, and after more than a dozen workouts, in order to properly get tired, you will have to apply a greater load. Then it is worth trying out other forms of fitness, more complex choreographically. But the basis of success is cyclicality.

What Full Body Workout can do for me?

strengthen the muscles of the whole body,
you will accelerate the burning of unnecessary fat,
you will improve your physical condition,
improve your overall health,
improve the strength of your bones (prevent osteoporosis),
you will spend time actively,
you have the impression that you have achieved something.

Remember that:

the foundation of all exercises is an upright posture,
focus on learning the right technique from the start,
constantly improve and improve your technique,
start with smaller weights gradually, after six weeks increase them,
perform the exercises in a controlled way mildly rather than too abruptly,
concentrate on the working muscles and stabilize the rest,
listen to your body it will tell you if something goes wrong.

Mild muscle aches, or so-called sourdoughs, are a natural thing after the start. But if you feel pain only in one part of the body or in the joints consult an instructor. If the pain persists seek advice from a doctor or physiotherapist.

Full Body Workout