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Classes suitable for everyone, regardless of age, physical fitness or state of advancement. Exercises taking place with the sounds of calm music, without stress and torment put us in a good mood. They very quickly improve the appearance of our body, restore grace and lightness to its movements.

Physiotherapists and osteologists describe this method as one of the safest forms of physical activity, as it successfully serves also mature people with spinal problems and obesity.

Pilates is a whole body workout. The system includes more than 500 exercises (strengthening, stretching and relaxing) inspired by yoga, ballet and strength exercises.

When will I see the results?

Systematically performed forever teach correct posture, and thus slimmer figure and grace of movement. Thanks to the additional use of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, you will learn to listen, understand and respect your body, as well as calm your busy mind.

The Pilates session is preceded by a short warm-up that prepares the whole body for work. It includes elements of dynamic stretching as well as static warm-up. The main part consists of properly selected exercises combined into a coherent whole. The end of the classes occurs after stretching with relaxation.

What can PILATES do for me?

youll get into the habit of proper posture,
you’ll strengthen the strength of the muscles of the abdomen, back and buttocks,
strengthen deep muscles,
youll improve the mobility of your spine,
stretch contracted muscle groups,
youll relax.

Remember that:

the foundation of all exercises is an upright posture,
focus on learning the right technique from the start,
constantly improve and improve your technique,
start with smaller weights gradually, after six weeks increase them,
perform the exercises in a controlled way mildly rather than too abruptly,
concentrate on the working muscles and stabilize the rest,
listen to your body it will tell you if something goes wrong.

Mild muscle aches, or so-called sourdoughs, are a natural thing after the start. But if you feel pain only in one part of the body or in the joints consult an instructor. If the pain persists seek advice from a doctor or physiotherapist.