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Nowadays, the physical activity that everyone needs for the proper functioning of our body is increasingly limited by the development of electronic technology and constant haste in everyday activities. Properly and systematically conducted physical activities are one of the most important factors affecting overall health and all metabolic processes. In the first part we will learn how to properly stretch individual muscle parts and then in the second part we will move on to classes responsible for gymnastics, which aim to teach us in a safe and responsible way the basic elements of gymnastics such as sternum, twine, stars or standing on your hands and head. At a later stage of the training we will learn more complex acrobatic elements.
A lot of attention is paid to correct posture, improving movement coordination, strengthening deep muscles and overall physical fitness.

Contrary to appearances, this is a demanding form of fitness, so during classes the level of difficulty of the exercises is individually adjusted to each participant. The classes always provide challenges and motivate you to overcome your own weaknesses.

For classes we dress in an outfit that does not restrict movement in any degree and is comfortable for the participant.