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Training focused on the prevention of back pain, teaching correct posture, strengthening weakened postural muscles. Improving the performance of the abdomen muscles, back and buttocks, involves the deep muscles responsible for the stabilization of the spine.

Improving the mobility of the spine, stretching the most important muscle groups, contracted as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and work. Classes aimed at a wide audience, regardless of whether they have a healthy back or dysfunction.

Remember that the Healthy Spine class is not only work on the back, but also on other parts of the body, such as knees, hips, shoulders, which are responsible for maintaining the correct posture.

What does the HEALTHY SPINE session look like?

Sessions based on relaxing, mobilizing, strengthening, coordination and equivalent exercises (based on Pilates, Yoga and more) relieve the vertebrae, strengthening the deep muscle parts of the back and eliminate muscle contractions, lengthening and relaxing tensions.

The Healthy Spine session is a very specific unit of group classes combining different forms of conducting classes, including frontal forms, work in pairs or station circuit. Each instructor has his own way of leading, so it is a very individual matter. Each class should be preceded by warm-up lasting 10-15 minutes, the main part 25-30 minutes and the final part being stretching with relaxation 10-15 minutes.

How often should I train?

Taking into account the variety of exercises performed in the Healthy Spine classes, you can participate in the classes whenever you have the opportunity. These are classes for everyone without exception.

What can a HEALTHY SPINE do for me?

– You will learn the correct posture.
– You will strengthen the strength of the muscles of the abdomen, back and buttocks.
– Strengthen deep muscles.
– Youll improve the mobility of your spine.
– Stretch contracted muscle groups.
– Youll relax.

How can I safely train a HEALTHY SPINE?

Your instructor is always on hand to help you carry out your training safely.

Remember that:

– The foundation of all exercises is an upright posture.
– Focus on learning the right technique from the start.
– Constantly improve and refine your technique.
– Start with lighter weights gradually, after six weeks, increase them.
– Perform the exercises in a controlled way mildly rather than too abruptly.
– Concentrate on the working muscles and stabilize the rest.
– Listen to your body it will tell you if something goes wrong.

Mild muscle aches, or so-called sourdoughs, are a natural thing after the start. But if you feel pain in only one part of your body or in your joints consult an instructor. If the pain persists seek advice from a doctor or physiotherapist.

Healthy spine